Who we are

At We, included. we are focused on making people aware about the lives and conditions of the differently abled community. Through the medium of first-hand stories, we want to create an environment which makes the differently abled community feel included in this society. Our aim is to break the stereotype that physical or mental limitations hinder the growth of a human being.

We know that taking care of a person who is differently abled is equally difficult. So we make it easier by telling them about the limitations of different conditions and how to be of help to anyone who has them.

MyChild App is one tool that we have built to help parents screen their children between the age of 0-24 months. This tool helps parents know at an early stage if their child has a delayed growth. This way, parents can take preventive measures and even if their child still has a special condition, they will be better prepared.

We will be building more such tools to make prevention, diagnosis, and treatment a smoother and faster process. In the meanwhile, We, included is there to start the conversation.

We understand it’s not easy, but we do know that one step at a time can collectively make a huge difference.