It’s a ‘Special’ Valentine’s!

Valentine's Disability
Special Valentine’s

It’s Valentine’s Day today and what better occasion to tell the world about the love stories of specially abled people?

When we describe love, we always describe how it makes us feel. How we get the butterflies on seeing the one we love. And how we feel the warmth and care towards our partner.

We never describe the physical aspects of love, because love is not based just on looks or outer appearances. It is based on something much more important – our hearts and souls. And our hearts and souls know of no disability that can stop them from falling in love.

A person’s impairment or disability or disorder should not be the limiting factor in their love life. Why do we think that a special needs person is not happy, or that they will have difficulty in finding love?

Here we give you a bunch of heartwarming stories that stood the test of time and their condition. And they did it while holding each other’s hand.

1 – Wedding on wheels

Nicole Brobeck is a girl who, like many other girls, has an immense love for fairy tales. And her knight in shining armor is Curtis Braxton. Nicole has cerebral palsy and Curtis has hydrocephalus and a seizure disorder. They both met in a living skills program for disabled adults. With time, they grew more and more fond of each other.

Having a disability is difficult because a person has to face a lot of teasing and bullying while growing up. To find love and compassion in such a situation is indeed very warming.

“I liked the fact that when he looked at me, he didn’t see my disability first and vice versa,” Nicole tells Today.

She says, “Ever since I was a kid, I always kind of wanted someone to come and take me away to his kingdom, probably to escape all of the reality and heartbreak I was going through day after day”.

Nicole and Curtis married each other in Lafayette, California, while walking down the aisle and having their first dance with the support of walkers. They have been happy ever since. Sure, they do face difficulty in their day-to-day lives. But they face those difficulties together and with a huge sack filled with love!

Disability Valentine's
source: Lovethatmax

2 – Love Beyond Limits or Limitations

Yes, this story is about a couple that loves each other beyond limits or their limitations. Bill Ott and Shelly Belgard love each other because of one another’s kind hearts and caring nature. Bill has Down Syndrome and Shelly has an intellectual disability. This did not stop them from falling for each other when they met in a local club in Maryland.

They both loved each other from the first meet! It took them years to convince their parents that they want to marry and live together. Their parents were concerned for obvious reasons. But it did not stop them from supporting and caring for each other.

They spent their holidays and a lot of outings with each other and even their parents were able to see their happiness of being with each other.

“Who was the woman who would not prejudge me from the outside and look inside? I knew Shelly would.”

“I want to be Shelley’s hero,” says Bill.

Shelly and Bill speak very humbly and lovingly of each other. Shelly told Washington Post –

“The real gift is being with someone who understands me. When other people think I’m talking in circles, he knows what I’m talking about. I don’t have to explain it. He just gets me”.

They married each other in a very close setting with limited people with the theme of the wedding being red and white. Because red symbolized passion and white, purity.

Disability Valentine's
source: Lovethatmax

3 – Love means Sticking Together

Liz Weintraub is intellectually impaired. She found the love of her life, Philip, on an advocacy meet. They have been married for seven years now. Their life sure has struggles and adjustments, but it has twice as much love and care towards each other.

It was love at first sight for them, as she tells Washington Post.

She always had the dream of walking down the aisle in a white dress. But marriage wasn’t just flowers and pretty dresses for her. She expresses that it was having a company that meant so much more to her.

“It matters so much. Knowing that I have someone that I can talk to every day. That I can love someone. And that somebody can love me back.” Liz says.

Well, these are just three picks from a whole pool of love-filled stories. But these are enough to show us that love knows no bounds. They feel the same amount of feelings that we do. In fact, sometimes they feel more intensely than us. Then who are we to judge them at all?

If disability binds a person in limitations, being able to love makes them feel free. Because no matter what limitation a person has, love always finds a way into their lives.

Aafreen Ansari

Poet by nature and entrepreneur by profession, I love to read books and draw inspiration from Neruda and Rumi. Believing in the positivity of life, I aspire to change the world with my work and words.


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