Special Olympics – An Olympic of Intellectually Disabled

“Let me win, but if i can not win,

let me brave in the attempt.”

T-r-y-i-n-g is a simple 5 letter word but if you practice it with all your dedication, it can reap wonderful results. Special Olympics is a place where they help you to try with dedication.

What if I tell you a person has an IQ below 70? And what if I tell you the person also has some limitation in his adaptive behaviors (self-care, play in public, work, or to learn something)? Now, would you expect him to be a teacher, athlete, swimmer, or to be at any regular jobs? Perhaps no. But believe me a little help, support, love, care, and patience can work wonders.

Special Olympics:

Special Olympics
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Special Olympics is an organization that helps intellectually disabled people to realize their abilities. It works towards helping them show their potential to the world. It helps them to be a confident, happy, healthy, and world-class sportsperson.

Special Olympics is a global organization that provides training and competition to intellectually disabled all around the globe. It was recognized by International Olympic Committee in 1988. It is a family of more than 5.3 million differently-abled athletes. The organization provides training, conduct competitions and events at all levels (local, regional, national, international). According to a record, the organization conducts almost 108,000 events a year.

Special Olympics - South Dakota
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Their international sports competition is ‘Special Olympics World Games’ which they organize every two years. In the competition, intellectually disabled people come from all around the world to take part in the various sports like badminton, softball, table tennis, and much more. It is a place where they learn to sharpen their skills and amaze the world with their abilities.

The voice that helps others must be heard around the globe.

And their voice says:

“Special Olympics is a global movement of people creating a new world of inclusion and community, where every single person is accepted and welcomed, regardless of ability or disability. We are helping to make the world a better, healthier and more joyful place one athlete, one volunteer, one family member at a time.”


Special Olympics
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It all started with a hope and a wish to help others.

What do we do when we see a child with a special need? Perhaps we try to avoid them but Eunice Kennedy Shriver of Maryland thought otherwise. She was concerned about the differently-abled people, especially the intellectual disabled who mostly get excluded from society. She saw their exclusion and could relate to their pain. Therefore, she decided to help them and started Camp Shriver (a day camp) for children with intellectual disabilities at her home. In her effort, she was not alone. Many other great personalities worked hard and invested their ideas in the journey from Camp Shriver to Special Olympics.

Shriver announced the formation of Special Olympics in July 1968. However, the U.S. Olympic Committee gave the official approval to use the name ‘Olympics’ in 1971. Since then, they are working towards making a better world which belongs to everyone.

You must understand:

Even though the intellectually disabled face both intellectual and adaptive behavior problems, there is a great possibility of them being a good sports person. Studies even say the participation of such children in physical exercise and sports will help them in every aspect of their life.

People should celebrate excelllence in sports as much as they do the acamedic execellence.

Matthew Williams is one such champion from Special Olympics who has excelled in his area of sports. He is taking the legendary idea of inclusion to the place from where you, me, and everyone else can listen, understand, and implement it to help everyone around us. And to make the world a place not only for just living but a happy and healthy living.

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