What is Obsessive Compulsive disorder (OCD)?

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder
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Obsessive Compulsive Disorder is a mental disorder which affects adults, teenagers, and children all over the word. It causes a pattern of unreasonable thoughts that lead to repetitive behavior. It is a special type of anxiety disorder which is very common, chronic, and long lasting. A person having OCD have repeated thoughts or images about many different things such as germs, dirt or sexual acts.

What causes OCD?

Causes of OCD are unknown as it is not fully understood. But it does include few risk factors such as people who have experienced child abuse or trauma. They are at an increased risk of developing OCD. Genetics too have a significant part to play.

Signs and symptoms

  • As the name suggests, people with OCD get obsessed; they have an irresistible urge of doing things.
  • They have fear of germ contamination
  • Excessive cleaning or hand washing
  • Having things perfectly in order
  • Repeatedly checking on things

and many other obsessions and compulsions depending from person to person.

A person having OCD might also face other disorders such as anxiety, or depression.

OCD evolves throughout the life of a person. Some will experience moments where their OCD will disappear or become milder or in some cases, it may become chronic or more intense.

Although not all habits are compulsions but a person with OCD doesn’t get pleasure in doing these rituals but feel relieved from the anxiety that their thoughts cause.

Most people with OCD are aware of the behavior they are displaying, but they are not in control of it.


If left untreated, OCD can develop into a chronic condition. It can be treated with medication, psychotherapy or the combination of two.

However, most people respond to treatment, some still continue to experience the symptoms.

OCD is difficult to treat but you can get your life back if you get the right help and keep your mind open to what is being suggested to you.


OCD is not someone’s normal behavior, it is a lot more than that. Many sufferers describe it as a torture by their own mind. They know what they are doing is of no use but they just can’t stop. They keep doing it for their own satisfaction because of the fear that is built inside of them.

Try to understand them instead of judging them. Because they don’t get any pleasure out of their behavior.

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