World Downs Syndrome Day

Downs Syndrome Day
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Internationally, 21st March is recognised as the world downs syndrome day and 2017 marks it’s 12th anniversary. It was recognized by many countries in 2006 but on 19th December 2011, United Nations General Assembly officially dedicated this day to downs syndrome.

 What is downs syndrome?

Downs syndrome is the most common chromosomal disorder and a leading cause of the intellectual and developmental delay. It was named after a British physician John Langdon Downs who first described it as a disorder in 1866. This condition occurs because of an extra copy of chromosome 21 which is why it is also called trisomy 21. It causes weak muscle tone, large tongue, short neck and flat facial features. They may also face difficulty in thinking, understanding and are their grasping power is low.

Why Downs Syndrome Day?

It is recognised to make people aware of downs syndrome. Also by raising awareness we can improve their quality of life and give them their right to be accepted and included as an equal member of our society. It also helps others to know about their special abilities, and accomplishments because it’s not about celebrating disabilities but about celebrating abilities.

How to get involved?

All over the globe, many people take part, conduct various activities and events. These help them raise awareness of what downs syndrome is. Also, they teach people what it’s like to have the condition.

A global network, Downs Syndrome International, encourages people to take part in different activities. Which help in empowering and motivating people with downs syndrome.

Families with special child

People usually think that having a child with special needs will be a burden and there are going to be complications. There may be mixed emotions at first and families often think – Why me?  Why my child?  But soon enough they realize that it’s a blessing and not everybody gets to raise a special child. Only a few chosen one do. They are fun loving and lively more like a cute little bundle of joy which you just can’t resist.

After some time being with their kids

Families are often heard saying ” I don’t know what I did to deserve a child with downs syndrome, but whatever it was I am sure glad I did”.

And if you call a child with downs syndrome a child with distinctive needs then the only thing they need is a “loving and understanding family”. Because raising a child with special need does not take a special family but it makes a family special.


Having downs syndrome is not a bad thing. It will not decide your child’s entire existence The extra chromosome is for extra love. People with this syndrome are some of the most understanding, unforgiving and unconditional loving human beings you would have ever have the pleasure of meeting.

Help us raise awareness about it so that everyone will know how special they are and they get what they deserve.

And yes, don’t forget to love your homies with extra chromies.

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