What are the challenges faced by people with ADHD


Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) is a chronic brain disorder in which a person is unable to control their behaviour.

ADHD is not a disability but a different ability. People with ADHD have their own gifts but due to negligence and many people not accepting it as a disorder they have to face many challenges in their lives, they are not accepted by the society and usually labelled as “rowdy” or “dumb”.


Picture a room with 1,000 TVs and each tv showing something different. Now try and concentrate on just one tv without getting distracted.
You can’t even imagine doing it. But this is what ADHDers go through.

Children suffering from ADHD lacks attention in class, can’t stop moving even if they want to, disorganised, daydreamers, bullied in school and often feel left out.

On the other hand, adults with ADHD face more problems with their work and marital troubles – extremely distractible, poor listening skills, sudden anger outburst etc.  They are misunderstood and are often referred as ignorant.

They start feeling different and lonely, they always ask themselves why?
Why are they different from others?
Why can’t they do their day to day work like others?



There is no proper awareness amongst people regarding ADHD, people need to be more aware of it. They should support and understand others suffering from this disorder.

It is hard to find out if a person is having ADHD, while most people struggle with the symptoms, that doesn’t mean they have ADHD. They could be stressed by many life events or any number of medical issue.

For some, it may take 40 to 50 years to find out that they are suffering from ADHD because of their negligence.

Comparatively awareness about ADHD has certainly grown, but there’s a long way to go before we can help ADHDers everywhere.


ADHD isn’t a real condition:

The National Institutes of Health, the Centers for Disease Control, and Prevention and the American Psychiatric Association all recognise ADHD as a medical condition. Research shows that it runs in families, meaning it might be genetic, and very much a real condition.

All kids with ADHD are hyperactive:

Not all kids with ADHD are hyperactive. One of the three types of ADHD is the inattentive type which doesn’t have an impact on activity level.

ADHD is the result of Bad parenting:

No, ADHD is nobody’s “fault”. It’s highly genetic.

Girls don’t have ADHD:

While it’s true boys are more than twice as likely as girls to be diagnosed with ADHD, that doesn’t mean girls don’t have ADHD. They’re just more likely to be overlooked and remain undiagnosed. Attention issues can look different in boys than in girls. Girls tend to be less disruptive in class and may seem “daydreamy”. It’s very natural for the two sexes to have different behaviour.



There is an old quote by Albert Einstein-  “Everyone is a genius, but if you will judge a fish on its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it’s stupid.”

Similarly, it’s unfair to judge people just based on their ability to perform in academics, or sports, or outdoor activities, or any one particular area. Humans are a combination of their various interests. So, just because someone does not have the traits that other people commonly have, it does not imply that they cannot do something good with their lives.

Surely it will take them some time, but with opportunities and understanding, they can take care of themselves quite well.

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