What are the issues epileptic people face

Epileptic Disorder Awareness
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Knowing Epilepsy

Epilepsy, also known as seizure disorder, is a very commonly known disorder. The individuals diagnosed with this disorder not only suffer from the symptoms but also the society. Many epileptic individuals suffer from the ignorance of their needs. Miscommunication of information is another barrier for these individuals.

Did you know that many epileptic individuals suffer from depression?

Seizures seem odd or inappropriate for a bystander. But ever tried to understand what the person undergoing the seizure feels like?

Public Consciousness

Undergoing a seizure in public is not something the individual can help therefore they feel all the more embarrassed. The individual may be aware of his condition but society (at least most of it) remains ignorant. They judge what happens to the individual rather than actually helping them. Therefore in avoidance of having a seizure episode in public, epileptic individuals may start avoiding social events. They only go out in public when necessary.

They feel unwanted in the society. Despite being intelligent, they don’t get equal employment opportunities. This is because the organization believes that seizures are disruptions that would affect the individual’s productivity in turn affecting the organizations’ productivity as well.

Type of Epileptic Seizures

Depending on the type of seizure the individual would either be conscious, semi-conscious or totally unconscious. The person stays confused or disoriented for a brief period after the seizure. Based on such outcomes, organizations don’t hire potential epileptic talent. Instead of rejecting them why not try to accept their condition or try to make it easier for them. Allow them to be their service dogs with them (if they have any) or ensure to keep medical expert in the organization.

Looking Out for Themselves

There are many ways to aid such people provided if society believes in taking up such initiative. Epileptic individuals have to look out for their own safety because their unexpected seizures can put them in dangerous situations even if they are routine activities of conducts. Just try and see the immense amount of issues and problem they have to deal with. They have difficulty gaining social acceptance, their employment opportunities become scarce, and their personal safety is threatened on a day to day basis.


Did you know that an epileptic child has to be careful about playing any sports? This is a disorder that can rob away innocent children’s childhood or change the way a person lives their life. It’s time we start putting ourselves in their shoes so that we can try to understand how it feels because only then would inclusion begin.

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With the pursuit of knowledge and love for the written word, Nikhita Menon tries to explore the world of disabilities, disorders, diseases and all stigma associated. She is a fresh college graduate from Christ University, Banglore majored in English, Psychology and Media Communication.

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