What is Epilepsy?

Understanding Epilepsy
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Understanding Epilepsy

In a sea of common disorder and disabilities, another popularly known disorder is Epilepsy. Individuals diagnosed with epilepsy do not necessarily have anything wrong with them physically. This is a problem that deals with the Central Nervous System.


To understand the condition in layman terms – it is basically when the nerve cell activity in the brain becomes disrupted causing seizures, intervals of odd behavior, odd sensations, and losing out consciousness etc.

Nature of this condition

A seizure is this unexpected surge of electric activity in the brain. Having a seizure once increases the probability of having another one within 6 months. This probability increases with the number of seizures. Each seizure increases the likelihood of being diagnosed with epilepsy.


The diagnosis of this disorder ultimately happens when an individual often faces more than one seizure which is not due to any particular reason like low blood sugar. In fact, the name ‘Epilepsy’ does not indicate the cause of the seizure.

Often it could be due to brain injury but it becomes extremely difficult to pinpoint the exact cause of the seizures. This is a condition that has an onset at any period of time of an individual’s life.

Scope of a bright future

The most important thing that we need to begin understanding is that having epilepsy does not undermine a person abilities, intelligence, and capabilities. In fact, it’s quite a large section of talent that gets wasted away if we start discriminating against epileptic people.


There is no cure for this condition regardless of the fact that there does exist an immense amount of medication and facilities that help in managing epilepsy. A seizure’s nature varies from person to person. Having said that, they can have some set of common actions.

What we need to understand is that these seizures are not in the individual’s control.

Vastness of Epilepsy

Like Autism, Epilepsy also varies on a spectrum. This spectrum depends on the severity or type of seizure which ultimately depends on person to person.

It is important in the face of common disorders that we educate ourselves on the same at a basic level at least so that we know to aid these people when they need out help. The biggest problem that epileptic people face is the public’s misconception of the neurological disorder.


It’s important to clarify this misconception because it’s always better to replace ambiguous information with factual data. With valid information, it would be easy to recognize an epileptic person. Having correct information will also enable us to help these people when in need.

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