Challenges and struggles of having a disability

Challenges of a disability
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It is deeply important to be aware but at the same time, it becomes our duty to not only spread the awareness but try and contribute towards the same. Being aware probes people to take the next step. Today, we have the liberty and freedom to make our own choices in life. Due to which we have become so engrossed in our own lives that we tend to remain ignorant to those who don’t have this luxury, such as the people with any disability.

Root Problem

One of the biggest problems is our problem of mindset. Majority people with disorders and disabilities are always held back. This happens not because they can’t achieve their goals, but because society believes that they can’t. Society doesn’t just believe but it also imposes the same through thoughts and actions. Imagine walking down the street on your way back home and you come across someone blind. What would your first thought be?

Challenges of Disability

While for some it may be plain sight ignorance but to others, their first thought would be related to pity, because we believe that they lack something important for normal functioning. But have you ever wondered what it would be like to walk down the street followed by pitiful eyes? Not such a nice emotion to feel, but this is how they live. The potential of this community is constantly undermined. The second biggest hurdle that stands in the way of inclusion is breaking free from stereotypes.


The most commonly believed stereotype is that a disability stops a person from achieving anything. Because of this assumption, we are failing to look at the talent that gets wasted away. Their disability or disorder acts as a hurdle but with the support, they can overcome them. They learn to adapt and appreciate what they have, they know how to sympathize with others who may suffer the same fate. They are more than just their disorder and disability and that is something that we need to understand. It remains unfair to deny them opportunities on biased accounts.


Understandably this is a cut-throat world but let’s start with showing compassion one step at a time. It’s time we turn it into a world of co-existence beyond all these societal tags. It’s time to step up, take a look around and truly notice the backgrounds. Sometimes what we’ve been looking for is right there, we may have been ignorant about the same. Let us step up and try to not let out ignorance ruin the potential of happiness people have with or without a disability or a disorder. Let’s start the process of integration and inclusion.

Nikitha Menon

With the pursuit of knowledge and love for the written word, Nikhita Menon tries to explore the world of disabilities, disorders, diseases and all stigma associated. She is a fresh college graduate from Christ University, Banglore majored in English, Psychology and Media Communication.

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