Don’t let depression win the battle of your life

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I know. You are going to think that it’s not easy and that you didn’t choose this for yourself. You can’t even put your finger on a day when depression and anxiety found you.

I know you didn’t choose this. I know it’s unfair that your brain is working in ways you can’t quite comprehend. But what you can choose is to fight against it.

It’s not going to be easy. But getting your life back on track is worth all this struggle. You deserve to be happy. You deserve to smile. And you absolutely deserve sunshine stirred with a spoonful of the cool breeze. Don’t believe anyone who says otherwise.

You shouldn’t let your head mess with you. Don’t believe when it tells you that you’re not worth something good.

Honey, you are so powerful. So strong. Beautiful on the inside. You just need some time before you actually see and believe it.

It’s okay to have flaws. We all have them. Even I have crooked teeth and a bulky body. And it’s okay if you want to change them. We all, at some point in time, want to get rid of anything and everything that weighs us down. Ask yourself this one question –

Do I really want this?

If you have a strong urge of saying yes, then find the healthy ways to change yourself. If you have body issues, then try to slowly move towards a healthy and balanced routine. No, I’m not asking you to just wake up one day and change everything in a flip. I’m asking you to make small changes in your lifestyle that will later help you a great deal.

There is no one single cause of depression. It can occur because of a variety of reasons.. It can be an illness, or family troubles, or self-confidence issues, or a trauma, or a firsthand tragedy. And it can take some time to figure out what caused it.

So the essential detail here is that –

Don’t hesitate in consulting a professional for help. After all, they are there to help you out. They are there to understand, and most importantly, listen.

Don’t let people tell you that your insomnia, or trauma, or anxiety, or obsession is insignificant and unimportant. Everything about you is equally important. And if there’s something that is causing you unhappiness, then reach out. Don’t wait for the people that surround you to validate your problems.

Search for the local helplines by yourself and reach them out. They know what it’s like to go through depression. It’s not fun. It’s definitely not easy. But you will not break down because darling, you are so strong. You have been carrying such an enormous weight of what caused you so much of inconvenience. And yet, you are sitting here, reading this.

I understand that it gets a tad bit overwhelming at times – to feel so much one moment, and then feel numbingly blank the next moment. And when someone asks you what’s wrong, you are not able to really put your feelings to words, which can cause a little frustration. I agree.

So here’s the thing –

Don’t try too hard. Let yourself take some time. Then work on yourself one step at a time.

Tell yourself that you deserve peace.
That you deserve to sit up on your bed, face the window, and look outside at the sunlight.
That you deserve a calm walk in the neighborhood with your favorite playlist on.
And that you deserve to put together the tunes that you like and either sit and listen to them or just dance a little in your room when no one’s watching.

Just start including those tasks in your daily life that give you some sense of happiness. Even 5 mins of it are good to start with.

You just need to start somewhere. Even if that means pouring yourself a hot cup of coffee, or planting some flowers in a pot.

If you still feel like you cannot relate to anything happy or that you can’t figure out what makes you happy, it’s alright. Just reach out and talk to someone. Don’t hesitate or assume that nothing will help you out. Don’t give up just yet. Make yourself your focus. Forget what other stereotypical people have to say about you. They don’t matter right now. You do. You always will.

Because you’re worth it, love. You really are.

Aafreen Ansari

Poet by nature and entrepreneur by profession, I love to read books and draw inspiration from Neruda and Rumi. Believing in the positivity of life, I aspire to change the world with my work and words.

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