Devanshu Shrivastava

Born In July Of 1998. I am an Ex-student of MP Birla Institute of Fundamental Research. Studied Astrophysics & Astronomy. With The Love For Science And Hobby of Writing, I Am Trying To Create Awareness Of Every Possible Health Issue.

Ovarian Cancer

What is Ovarian Cancer?

As described in an earlier article, cancer is a disease of abnormal cell growth with the potential to invade or spread t…


What is Progeria?

Ageing is a pretty controlled process but in the case of progeria, it is neither controlled nor well-executed. Although …


What is Apraxia?

Our brain is a very complex organ which has so many parts and portions, all having vital roles. One such portion is Post…


What is Anxiety Disorder?

You mistakenly kept your hand over a burning stove, in no time, your brain sent a signal to pull back your hand. Another…